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New Partnership with Braunstone Leisure Centre Announced!

Active Leicester: Braunstone and Rowley Fields is pleased to announce a new partnership with the Braunstone Leisure Centre, offering residents of the ward the opportunity to access some of the centre's fantastic facilities and sessions for free!!BLC text

Through the partnership, residents of Braunstone and Rowley Fields aged 14+ will be able to access a range of calorie-killing activities, as well public swims in the centre's two high-quality swimming pools and off-peak use of the centre's 60 station fitness suite. All this will be accessible through a special ALBRF Braunstone Leisure Centre Membership Card (details of how to sign up to this below). 

For the first 12 weeks of your membership, residents will be able go along to sessions, swims and off-peak gym entrance for FREE; with the next 12 weeks costing just £1 per session/swim. After this sessions will cost normal leisure centre prices (this will be on a 'Pay as You Go' scheme, you will only have to pay for sessions you go along to. Discounts may be available to you still after this period). 

Activities you will be able to access at the centre are: 

  • Aquafit (Wednesdays - 7.00pm and 7.45pm)
  • Totally Shredded (Saturdays - 11.30am)
  • Aquafit (Saturdays - 12.00pm)
  • Walking Football (Sundays - 10.00am)
  • Public Swims (Doesn't include swimming lessons - Click Here for Current Swimming Timetable)
  • Gym entrance (Between the times of 6.30am and 3.30pm, Monday - Friday - you must go through a gym induction with a member of staff from the leisure centre before you can use the gym)

Here's how to get signed up...

  1. Register for Active Leicester: Braunstone & Rowley Fields for FREE by clicking here... Register2 (Don't worry if you have already registered with us, you can still apply for a membership card by contacting us)
  2. We will order your Membership Card... we will send across your details to the leisure centre for them to create your membership card (this will be done every Monday). Don't worry if you already have a leisure centre membership card, we will still order you a new ALBRF one so that you can access all of the above. 
  3. Collect your new ALBRF Membership Card... we will email you with an approximate date that your card will be ready (it can take up to 7 days). Once we have received your card from the leisure centre, we will contact you and you will then be able to pick it up at any of our ALBRF community sessions.  
  4. Start using your Card!!... once you have your card, your membership has begun and you can start making the most of the great activities on offer. Remember, the first 12 weeks is completely FREE, the second 12 weeks is £1 per session and after that it is 'Pay as You Go'. 

For more information on the activities available, how to get signed-up or anything else, please feel free to Get in Touch.


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